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The majority of effort of the Council is placed in attempting to prevent or at least reduce the 'severity' of an incident ie by either reducing the 'likelihood' of it happening, or reducing the 'impact' were the event to take place (see section on risk management/risk register for a fuller explanation).  However, 'risk' can NOT be totally prevented, and at some time an 'event' may take place.  Car drivers are required by law to have as a minimum third party insurance.  They may chose enhanced cover and opt for 'comprehensive' cover.  Similarly, local councils are required by law to have adequate insurance cover.  To ensure compliance, the Internal Auditors require, as part of the audit of the Accounts, sight of the Insurance Certificate and the Insurance Schedule. (These two documents are available at the bottom of the page.)

The Council's Mandatory Cover includes:-

Public Liability - covers legal liability to pay compensation to members of the public if they are injured or their property is damaged as a result of an accident caused by the Council or one of its employees, including volunteers,

Employers' Liability - covers the Council's legal liability to employees including volunteers, if they are injured whilst working for the Council,

Money and Personal Assault - covers loss of money and provides compensation for an accident sustained as a direct result of theft or attempted theft,

Fidelity Guarantee - covers loss which the Council may sustain from fraud or dishonesty of employees,

Officials Indemnity - covers the Council's legal liability for negligence of Council Members (Cllrs), officials or members of the Council's staff in pursuit of their duties,

Libel and Slander - covers the Council's liability to pay compensation for libel contained in publications or slander uttered byb the Clerk to the Council and any Council Member (Cllr) whilst carrying out their duties,

Legal Expenses - provides legal advice and protection for legal costs relating to a series of named 'actions'.

There are also a series of Optional Covers  including Property Damage, Loss of Revenue, Increased Limits in respect of Fidelity Guarantee, Personal Accident and No Claims Bonus & Application of Excess Protection.  Of these optional covers, Hannington Parish Council has only opted for the Personal Accident cover £100,000.

This statement is correct as at 31st March 2017