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Kissing Gates for Stiles

With the support of the local farming community, gamekeepers, HCC Countryside Services and volunteers from the Ramblers Association, Hannington Parish Council has actively enhanced access to its footpaths and bridleways. It has replaced all of the stiles within the parish and along its borders with kissing gates or gates. Thus, easing the way for those walkers with mobility problems and providing safe access for their dogs. 

Groups of walking enthusiasts come to Hannington to enjoy the views, e.g. looking across the Hampshire Downs from Cottington’s Hill (230m / 750ft) where the Hannington Mast is located, then go on to enjoy a lunch at the Vine.

Exploring circular walks around Hannington

The HCC Countryside Services website has downloadable A4 printable route maps and directions for circular walks around Hannington found at 'Exploring Hannington'.  They describe six circular walks ranging from 2.5 to 4.5 miles, taking 1 to 2 hours depending upon the chosen route. 

All the walks start at the Village Green, click on the map previews and then on the walk title below for quick access to the printable documents.

Dog Walking Code

Hannington Parish has significant areas that contain a variety of livestock throughout the year. They are vulnerable to 'worrying' by dogs that are not on a lead controlled by their owners. Particularly, during the spring lambing season and throughout the game season from when young pheasant or partridge poults are typically released in mid June or July. Local farmers and gamekeepers encourage all dog walkers to peruse the HCC Countryside Services Dog Walking Code for guidance to avoid unintended and undesirable dog behaviour where livestock and game birds are concerned.

Map Previews


Rights of Way maps are maintained by Hampshire County Council. The complete map of Rights of Way throughout Hampshire can be obtained from Hampshire Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way , an excellent source for those walkers, horse riders and cyclists who wish to explore the various rights of way in the County. However, an Online source of Rights of Way in Hampshire provides a quick way to view the topology in the local area. To view the landscape types in our area, e.g. Downland, Chalk Scarp etc. use the Hampshire County Integrated Character Assessment - Interactive Map.

Maps for Rights of Way around Hannington

For those wishing to explore the Rights of Way around Hannington the following maps may be useful,

It is suggested that these maps may be used in conjunction with the 'Exploring Hannington' circular walking routes maps to provide the footpath details. The Definitive Statement provides the detail associated with each Right of Way in Hannington Parish.

Public Rights of Way

For an overview of the law relating to public rights of way, what they are and issues that are particular to local councils please read the NALC Legal Topic Note LTN 77 Public Rights of Way

Rights of Way Maintenance

In 2016, Hannington Parish became a member of the HCC Lengthsmans Scheme as an associate of Pamber PC. The scheme provides support to the parish in performing general tasks such as hedge trimming, grass cutting, putting up finger posts, marker posts and performing minor repairs. The Lengthsman has successfully cleared a 160 metre stretch of overgrown treeline undergrowth and removed dead elm trees along Berthas Lane (FP7106a). This stretch of 'hedgerow' had not been maintained for some 40 years. Now with the increased light at the base of the treeline we should see new growth springing up over time.

HCC Countryside Services team maintain a 'Priority Cutting List' for the nominated footpaths and bridleways within Hannington Parish. If a footpath or bridleway is overgrown say with nettles and the path is essentially obstructed by the growth or there is an obstruction that could be dangerous to the public, please report the problem to the HCC Countryside Services directly.

How to report a problem on a Right of Way

To find out the name and number or location of a path you are interested in you can search using the HCC Countryside Services Interactive Mapping Tool. The path numbers are coloured in red, in most cases they are preceded with 105 (Hannington Parish) followed by the path number itself.

The HCC Countryside Services team keep the footpaths and bridleways clear of obstructions. If you encounter a fallen tree or fly tipping or an abandoned vehicle or undergrowth blocking the footpath or bridleway please report the problem by one of the following methods,

To report a problem by telephone call the Call Centre on 0300 555 1391

To report a problem 'online' go to the Hansweb website at 'Report a problem on a Right of Way'  The 'Help User Guide' can assist you in doing so.

Or by email at



Cottington's Hill Kissing Gate Installation Team October 2015 Cottington's Hill Kissing Gate Installation Team October 2015