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Snow Plan

Hannington village has claims to be the highest village in the County of Hampshire.  As a result it can suffer from extreme weather conditions' predominantly wind, cold and snow.  All the approach roads in to Hannington are narrow country lanes, and, on occasions the village has been cut off from 'civilisation' for a number of days... with the result it has been featured on South News!  To mitigate the problems and 'risks' to residents especially those who are vulnerable or who have mobility problems, the Parish Council in 2012 established a Snow Plan.  This document is updated each year in consultation with residents of Hannington Parish. 

The Snow Plan provides details of help and support available in the event of extreme weather which could leave residents isolated.  The Snow Plan 2021/2022 is available below.

Salt Bins

Not surprisingly, to maintain access to and from the village, the Parish Council works closely with Hampshire County Council's Highways Department on the siting, maintenance and stocking with salt a network of 'salt bins' in the parish. 

HCC -Highways Department have advised that "If your local salt bin is less than ¾ full and needs refilling through the winter season the quickest way to let them know is via the specific link on their web page at"

The locations of all the salt bins and priority salting routes within the Hannington Parish can be found at  Remember to ‘tick’ the salt bin feature, then click on the salt bin on the map to obtain the bin number and location for reporting purposes.

This page updated on 21st December 2021